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The 2018 Summer Camp for International Students held in Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology

Dec 11, 2018

The 2018 Summer Camp for International Students was held in Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology from July 29th to August 4th. 14 international students from foreign countries such as Zambia, Kenya, Pakistan,etc. came to our university and enjoyed one week summer camp.

During the summer camp, our university arranged many kinds of Chinese culture experience class, social practice and colorful sports entertainment activities. They learned Chinese language and the Chinese  traditional culture:  Chinese paper-cut, brush calligraphy and drawing Peking Opera mask.

They visited Benxi Mulan Dairy Co., Ltd. The clean and tidy production equipment and the safe and scientific production process made them sigh all the time. They also taste the delious dairy products. 

They  visited  Nanfen Open-pit Mine of Benxi Iron and Steel Group and felt the steel culture. They were excited at overlooking the iron ore mining area.

They also visited the robot production workshop of our school-enterprise partner Shenyang Sina-Germany SIASUN Education Technology Group Co., Ltd. They showed great interest in this visit.

They went to Benxi Water Cave, the famous scenic spot in Benxi. They were curious about the magic of stalactites the and were shocked by the nature's ingenuity.

The summer camp were highly praised by all the international students. They all had a wonderful and unforgettable time here. This experience in Benxi made them know Benxi and more about China. This activity can promote and develop the education of international students and the internationalization  of education in our university, and even enhanced the social influence of our university.