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LNIST Attend the 6th China Education Expo in Dhaka,Bangladesh

Oct 29, 2019


From 25th to 26th Oct, 6th China Education Expo was successfully held by SANGEN Edu Ltd in Dhaka Bangladesh. Every year, the expo invites influential Chinese universities to gather in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to introduce the situation of Chinese universities to Bangladeshi students and parents and promote educational exchanges.


Li Ben, Cooperative Development and International Education Office of LNIST, attended the expo and made a speech at it. Detailed introduction to the local students and parents of Liaoning Institute Of Science And Technology on the admission policy and professional settings, and thanks to the organizers and participants of the expo, welcome to apply for the examination of Liaoning Institute Of Science And Technology.

At the expo, students from Bangladesh were very interested in Liaoning Institute Of Science And Technology. They asked about our school and left their personal information. They showed great enthusiasm for coming to our school to study.

This education expo enables Bangladeshi students to know more about Liaoning Institute Of Science And Technology, and at the same time, it has played a positive role in promoting our school's overseas enrollment. It is believed that more and more overseas students will choose Liaoning Institute Of Science And Technology to study and our school's overseas student work will also achieve better results.