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President Li Weimin led a delegation to visit the Omsk State Technical University in Russia to promote deeper cooperation between Chinese and Russian universities

Nov 15, 2023

Recently, at the invitation of Vasily Fefelov, the Acting President of the Omsk State Technical University in Russia, Li Weimin, the President of our university, Chen Li, Director of the Office of Cooperative Development and International Education, and Wang Zhong, Vice Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, visited the university.

This meeting is the first face-to-face communication between the presidents of both universities. The Omsk State Technical University warmly welcomed the visit of our delegation. The acting President Vasily Fefelov, Vice President of Academic Affairs Natalie Prokukin, Dean of the School of Metal Cutting Machine Tool Processing Yevgeny Vasiliev, and Director of International Exchange Najizhda Romanova attended the meeting. Both parties introduced the overall situation of the two schools to enhance mutual understanding and strengthen friendly cooperation. Regarding the urgent problems that need to be solved in the undergraduate education project of mechanical design, manufacturing, and automation, Vasily stated that the Omsk State Technical University will spare no effort to cooperate with Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology to solve the problems in cooperation and promote the stable and healthy development of cooperative educational project. Based on the principles of mutual benefit, exchange, and mutual benefit, the presidents of both sides exchanged ideas on future joint master's training and scientific research cooperation, and signed cooperation agreements for the "Metal Processing Equipment Manufacturing" master's joint training and the "Mechanical Design, Manufacturing, and Automation International Cooperation Joint Laboratory" project.

During the visit, our school delegation visited the Metal Cutting Machine Tool Processing College and had detailed discussions on the professional construction, talent cultivation, teacher exchange, and other details of the cooperative project. We further understood the academic and project research status of the relevant research groups of the cooperative school, especially the research directions and main research achievements of the relevant research groups.

At the Science and Technology Education Resource Center and Research Laboratory of Omsk State Technical University, our school delegation focused on understanding the research direction and characteristics of the university's disciplines such as machinery and materials, inspecting the school's educational conditions and the large and medium-sized instrument platforms it has. In order to further rely on Russia's core competitiveness in education, teaching, and scientific research, promote exchanges and cooperation between the two sides, strengthen scientific research research, and improve students' academic level We have laid a strong foundation in terms of innovation ability and comprehensive quality.

During the visit, our school delegation visited the cooperative enterprises NPO Kontur and NKHPT LLC of Omsk National Technical University, and learned about the mechanical manufacturing, scientific research and development situation of the two enterprises on site, as well as trade exchanges with Chinese enterprises, internships and employment of students in related majors.

This visit by Li Weimin and his delegation to Russia has further deepened and expanded the Sino foreign cooperative education al project between our university and Omsk State Technical University , expanded the cooperation space in teaching and scientific research between both sides, and laid a solid foundation for optimizing the joint training mode and promoting the integration of high-quality resources between China and foreign countries. Next, we will deepen cooperation and exchanges between the two universities in accordance with the clear plan made for joint master training and joint scientific research, serve the national "the Belt and Road Initiative " , strengthen joint research in basic science, create opportunities for students to go to Russia for internships and for researchers to visit each other, carry out higher quality and higher level cooperation, actively promote the school's ability to open up and accelerate its connotative development.