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Gao Jian

Dec 17, 2018

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Jian Gao

Gender: Male

Academic Title: Lecturer

Email: 675416625@qq.com

Education Experience

2012.09 -2014.12  Liaoning Technical University  M.E.  Geotechnical Engineering

2006.09 -2010.06  Liaoning Technical University  B.E.  Civil Engineering 

Work Experience

2015.11- current Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology  Civil Engineering

Research Interests

Geotechnical Engineering


Journal Papers:

[1] Gao Jian, Wang Xigang, Liu Feng, Tian Jilong. Experimental study on the resistance to sulfate at tack of aerated gangue concrete [J]. Concrete,2018(03):83-85+90.

[2]Gao Jian, Tian Jilong, Wang Xigang, Liu Feng. Research on teaching reform of "Road Engineering Materials" course based on application-oriented transformation [J]. Journal of Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology,2017,19(03):59-60.