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Li Na

Dec 17, 2018

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Na Li

Gender: Female

Academic Title: Lecturer

Email: lina7541@126.com

Education Experience

2008.09—2011.09 Graduated from Liaoning technical university,    master degree, Mineral processing engineering

2004.09—2008.07 Graduated from Liaoning technical university,    bachelor degree, Mineral processing engineering

Work Experience

2011.09-2015.03  Worked in Liaoning Shihua University Shunhua energy college

2015.03-current    Liaoning institute of science and technology

Research Interests: Mining engineering


Journal Papers: Mine survey scheme design of Linsheng mine [J], 2018.03-162.

Monograph: Study on the sustainable development of China's coal industry [M], Northwestern polytechnic university press, 2018.06.

Research Projects

[1] Experimental study on signal feedback in the process of borehole drilling based on the geological condition of the blasting area of the drill platform;

[2]Monitoring and safety evaluation of blasting vibration in blasting construction of tunnel section of guanyinge reservoir water transmission project in Liaoning province;

[3] Design and manufacture of intelligent rotary drill for mining based on 3D printing technology.


The utility model relates to a universal foot for fixing blasting vibration sensor on slope rock surface


[1] Liaoning province 21st education information contest advanced education group micro course——Provincial third prize;

[2] Model of stope filling mining method——National second prize;

[3] Model of intelligent mining roller drill based on 3D printing technology——National second prize;

[4] Model of mining method based on 3D printing technology——National second prize;

[5] 3D printing model of an open air iron mine was jointly developed by steam and iron——National third prize.