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Sun Xiuli

Dec 17, 2018

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Xiuli Sun                                        

Gender: Female

Academic Title: Lecturer                                      

Email: 117002227@qq.com

Education Experience

Shenyang University of Technology   2006 M.S.  Solid Mechanics

Work Experience

2006-current, Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology

Research Interests

Building structure ;engineering inspection


Journal Papers:

[1] research on the Curriculum Reform of  Building  Architecture in Higher Vocational Colleges. Liaoning  University of  Science  and  Technology press.2016


1.Building  architecture, Xi’an jiaotong University press, 2008.

2.Building  architecture (Second  Edition), Xi’an jiaotong University press, 2015.


1.Concrete  strength  detection  device  in  2018.7

2.Auxiliary device  for pile foundation detection  in 2018.7


1.In 2014, I won the title of Excellent Instructor of  Liaoning  Province Undergraduate structure Competition.

2.In 2015, the network course “Building  Architecture” won  the third prize in Liaoning Province’s Teaching  Software  Competition.

3. In 2018, excellent  graduate design  Instructor .